100 days of improv...okay just 50.


I started this project at the beginning of the new year in an attempt to spark some creative juices. Based off of Sherri Lynn Woods idea of sewing a small improv piece each day as a challenge to keep coming back to the sewing machine and to do something creative that required little thinking and used up some scraps laying around. It worked! I really enjoyed this process and each evening after a days work I would at least sew for a few minutes, what ended up being at times an evening at the machine. Here's what came of this project. Like the title of this says...I didn't make it to 100 days, but I'm okay with that. It produced some fun pieces that I have since made into one quilt top and am in the process of working through another that I hope to enter into the Quiltcon show this coming year. If you're feeling a little stuck in your process, or need a boost in your creative life, I totally recommend trying this for awhile and see if it doesn't spark something inside. I truly believe creativity comes from doing not from worrying or thinking about it not being a good enough idea. Just do and the creative part will awaken, it sometimes just needs to be reminded it's there down deep inside you.